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am featured again here >…
  • Listening to: keane
  • Reading: 207
  • Playing: Total Air War
  • Eating: strawberyy
  • Drinking: captin black
posting artwork is so boring and time consuming stuff actually i dunno how i got the guts  to do it recently but actually am still lazy to post everything..

so i just post some of this and some of that without concious..

some works might be posted in another year or a decade who knows,,
actually some work is not yet published and i think that the owners might get mad if i just put it here so i might wait a while to c how is it goin,,

other works needs some presentation or they will look crappy honestly,,so i'd better wait on them a while too
  • Listening to: sumer wine
  • Reading: mythology
  • Watching: my name is Earl
  • Eating: strawberyy
  • Drinking: captin black